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Terms & Conditions
1. Booking is REQUIRED for all classes via our Studio website on a first-come-first-served basis.
2. Booking has to be done 15 mins (latest) before the class starts. Earlier bookings are encouraged.
3. Booking can only be done if you are currently a member of Gruve Café Studio.
4. Credit would be returned if cancellation is done at least 12 hours before commencement of class. Failure to do so, the credit will be deducted accordingly from your package.
5. Participants are not encouraged to walk-in without prior booking.
6. Members are allowed to book up to a max of 3 (or less) sessions per class.
7. Minimum to start: 6 pax (dance fitness) / 4 pax (all other classes). Gruve Café Studio Management has the rights to cancel the class if there is insufficient bookings.